Luminis Emollient Aroma Oil 120ml Pure Natural Organic Moist Multi Care Soothing
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The key of healthy and vibrant skin is in its natural light/sparkle of the skin, so we decided “LUMINIS” as our brand name, which means the light in Latin. Cosmetic products up to now have been made of various artificial chemical materials. These may have instant effects but have negative effects on the skin when used for a long time. Therefore, we went on the quest to find natural ingredients with less skin irritation and excellent efficacy.
We became aware of the effectiveness of the Korean white clay and persuaded the owner of manufacturing patent and bought the patent, finally jumping into the cosmetics business. We have the belief that natural extracts should be used to make skin feel comfortable to reveal the natural light/sparkle of the skin. This belief has been applied to all our products. Therefore, all LUMINIS products reveal its true value when used continuously for a long time.
Also, we have tried to make products that are most needed to customers, rather than making various products that we want. As one example, ALL-IN-ONE SERUM was requested directly in the Southeast Asian market, passed the sample test locally and came to the market.
LUMINIS promises to continuously produce products, focusing on natural ingredients with lessskin irritation, and to research and develop only the products that consumers need.

LUMINIS Emollient Aroma Oil


Capacity : 120ml

Skin type : All skin types

Country of origin : Republic of Korea

How to use

It can be used anytime you feel dryness in your life. It can be applied to hair, face, body and cuticles. It can also be mixed with other products. 

Handling and storage precaution

1) Be sure to close the cap after use.

2) Keep the product out of reach of infants and children.

3) Do not store in a place of too high or too low temperature and sunlight.

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