KORUSA-F 500ml CLO2 Disinfectant Spray Bactericide Based on Oxygen Sterilizer
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At KORUSA seven, we make functional cosmetics and household items.
We not only develop and sell our products-related cosmetics and biotechnology industry.
especially, we produced recently KORUSA-F CLO2 oxygen-based disinfectant using only pure chlorine dioxide, and also are planning to release a peptide-containing cream that is beneficial for brightening, and improving signs of aging.( local and overseas testing complete) our products are receiving good feedback from many users. and we hope the products we make will be loved by every consumer we are going to work harder, grow more in the future. thank you. 


EAN 8809764984739

Net.wt : 500ml

How to use

Keep a distance of 20~30cm from the object and spritz 2~3 times. If you want to use it on fabric, it should be non-absorbent fabric and needs to be dried out naturally. After application, wipe off the content with a dry towel. 


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