SBA NanoShield K99 Anti-bacterial Rinse 30ml x 15ea Detergent Laundry Washing
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NanoShield K99 Antibacterial Rinse exerts 99.9% antibacterial and deodorant effect through chemical bonding between the patented component and fiber. Since products that are harmless to the environment and the human body are given top priority, only three types of 'patented ingredients', ‘citric acid' and 'water' were added to the NanoShield. In addition to the antibacterial and deodorizing effect of 99.9%, the antibacterial effect that lasts even after washing more than 10 times, and the antistatic effect have passed the strict tests of KOTITI and FITI and have been certified. In addition, it has been certified by INTERTEK and EPA as well as FDA and has opened a new level of “textile antibacterial agent” as a safe and honest eco-friendly, non-irritating laundry aid. 

NanoShield K99 Antibacterial Rinse

EAN 8809714598986

Net. Content : 30ml x 15ea (450ml)

Product Type : Sterilizer

Uses : General purposes (general objects)

Country of Origin : Republic of Korea


Ethanol, Poly-Aluminium-Chloride (PAC) Preservatives: Ethanol Other ingredients: Alkyl(c=12-18)benzyldimethylammonium chloride, fragrance (Tea tree oil and more) 


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