JollyJolie 100% Organic Horse Jerky Treats 100g Dog Treats Nutritious Dog Snack 100% Natural Feed
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JollyJolie is a Korean dog food brand by UKB Co., Ltd. Since 2018, UKB Korea started specializing in organic dog treats that are sustainably sourced from Mongolia. We use horse meat as our main ingredient because horses are known to have significantly stronger immunity than other animals, so they are naturally free from the majority of health problems. Moreover, numerous studies have shown that horse meat is much more nutritious and higher in protein compared to any other types of meat. 

Jerky Treats

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1. Horse Meat Jerky 50g x 2pcs

2. Horse Rib 50g x 2pcs

3. Horse Liver 100g x 1pcs

4. Horse Heart 100g x 1pcs

5. Horse Lung 100g x 1pcs

6. Horse Tendon 100g x 1pcs 


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