BMBCO Queen79 Noble 24K Gold Eye Cream 30ml / Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle Care BEST
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Enna Cosmetic is a cosmetics manufacturer established in 2018. Enna Cosmetic has made cosmetic brand "BMBCO" and produced six types of skincare products (Toner, Emulsion, Serum, Eye Cream, Moisture Cream, Nourishment Cream) and one type of sunscreen (Sunstick). 'BMBCO' is a brand name based on 'Beauty more beauty', which has a meaning of finding inner beauty. Our cosmetics will restore the external beauty of your skin, as well as the healthy inner beauty of individuals by using natural ingredients. Our vision is to create healthy and natural cosmetics that everyone can use without worrying about the ingredients. All products have been tested for safety (non-harmful test report, cosmetics that can be used by pregnant women). Enna Cosmetic's products are home care cosmetics that allow people to do esthetic care at home. The products are not sticky and absorbs quickly to be suitable for various types of weather with all kinds of conditions such as high temperature, humidity, and dryness. 

BMBCO Queen79 Noble Gold Eye Cream

EAN 8809764981363

Net.wt : 30ml 


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