Faircell 180 Deep Cleansing Pad (60 Pads) 100% Natural Cotton Exfoliating Blackhead Pore Care
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Let me introduce. Sharing the Legacy of clean beauty with the world Faircell, which comes from the meaning "Good skin, Ageless beauty', conveys the value of an intelligent woman who is feminine, soft, yet passionate and pursues her own unique worldview. faircell relies on centuries-old wisdom for achieving an ageless, healthy glow. First, Avoid synthetic components and use only matural ingredients that have been proven safe. Use nature-derived ingredients, excluding harmful ones. Especially, se try to use more raw materials grown in our land Second, focus on creating maximum effectiveness and safisfaction for a single product designed for clear needs. Third, Faircells insist on only mild and presciptions for long-trem skin health, even if they are slow rather than instantanelusly satisfying Roundearth combines this traditionsl knowledge with modern innovation and technology, to create cutting-edge products that are pioneering a new K-beauty. Our vision is to share this beauty with all women around the world Our expertise in skin moisture, based on R&D, promises high functional performance through active moisture mechanism resulting in a healthy-looking radiance Our innovative qualities let us become a pioneer in K-beauty. We observe our consumers with passion and come up with never-before-seen products from our technology and know-how.

180 Deep Cleansing Pad

Net.wt : 60 Pads

Expiration date : Separately indicated

How To Use : Apply embossed face lightly, use for head/ball etc then erase point make-ups such as eyes. Finally wipe it off the other side of the pad to finish. 


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