Cheonbu Korean Black Ginseng Extract 240g Healthy Food 9 Time-Drying Process
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We are growing with the assurance that we are producing the best goods, and we will consider customer satisfaction as our top priority.The company was established because we were chosen as a preparatory technical business utilizing the prospective patent in 2011, which was supported by the Small and Medium Business Administration. We are also producing red ginseng products and healthy food as our main products. We had concluded an agreement to transfer the patent of a composite for the prevention and treatment of diabetes containing the extracts of Janggun-Tea with the Academy—Industry Cooperative of Inje University, and the production of red ginseng products using the patented substances. We, Cheonbu Red Ginseng, are growing day by day amid the affections and concerns from our customers, and “We will exert our best efforts to provide better ginseng products to our customers by directly cultivating and processing the ginseng with a sincere and honest attitude.” ”We, Cheonbu Red Ginseng, are an unmatched leader in the business circle in the field of quality and price competitiveness of products through direct transaction. Dear Customers, We, Cheonbu Red Ginseng, promises that all staff and directors will not spare any effort for your health and happiness in the future

Black Ginseng Extract

Net. Weight : 240g
Food Type : Liquid tea

Ingredients and content : Black ginseng extract 100%, (Over 65% soilds, Black Ginseng Saponins over 80mg/g, Korea-grown)

Ratio of ginseng composition : Black Ginseng Main Root 70%, Black Ginseng Rootlets 30%

Direction and recommended intake

For adults, 3 times a day, 1g per serving, with cold or warm water or just the product alone. 

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