J&C tec Scale Marked Screed Leveling Tripod 6EA Check Height in Liquid Mortar
$134.50 $175.10

J&C Tec is a company that specializes in producing auxiliary equipment used by technicians to construct buildings. Its motto is to produce assistive devices for easy-to-use, easy-to-use, and precise construction. The first product is a built-up testing apparatus that will continue to be developed for professional technicians and buyers around the world. In addition, we are planning to release the Scread Vibration Double Bar as an additional product in two to three months. Please give us a lot of support and interest. Thank you.

Screed Leveling Tripod (6ea)

Exterior dimension

(LxHxW) 130 x 175~270 x 130mm

Folding dimension

(LxHxW) 95 x 175~270 x 60mm

Adjustment height : 5~100mm

Show measure : 20~150mm

Product weight : ≒100g

Quality of the material : ABS, Steel 

SKU : s_jnc_tripod_6ea

EAN ; 8809714590881


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