Babijoa Organic Nutrition Rice 1kg 5 Flavors Red Yeast / Turmeric / Lotus leaf / Chlorella / 7 Assorted Grain
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Our company has walked a straight path for the past 10 years Utilizing honest ingredients for the development of trustworthy products We plan to continue our dedication for the foreseen future. We are the only HACCP-Certified company among our peers We are certified by ISO2200 and UDSA Participated in the 2019 with米 rice festival in Busan It has won numerous awards, such as the Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs Award We are dedicated to building a brand trust by consumers from all walks of life

Organic Nutrition Rice

1. Organic Red Yeast Rice
2. Organic Turmeric Rice
3. Organic lotus leaf rice
4. Organic chlorella rice
5. Organic Ahejoa 7-grain rice

Capacity : 1kg

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