HYROO Hydrogen Water Generator HR-100 1.8L Supply of High Concentration of Water
US$ 690.00 US$ 842.00

Hyfriend purses “Simple Life”, and is the company based on life and health technology that enhances the value of customer satisfaction, "Basic and Value" with products that are faithful to the basics.
We strive to look at the world from the attitude of humanism that pursues comfort rather than convenience, and make our lives one step more enriching.
The core values of Hyfriend are basic, flexible and sustainability. It is to be faithful to the basics, but to have a flexible mindset, and enrich the lives of customers sustainably.
Prior to the convenient product, we are studying comfort, and we strive to satisfy each customer with product development that can provide long-term reliability with simple function and design.


Product : HYROO Hydrogen Water Generator
Weight : 5.2kg
Capacity of Water : 1.8L
Working Temperature : 0~40℃
Related Voltage : AC220~240V 50/60Hz
Stand by Power : 0.2W
Power Consumption : 43W

SKU : s_hyf_hr100

EAN : 8809654938804


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