Foldable Far Infrared Ray Folding Electric Heater Warm Leg Warmer Home Office
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Eco-star is developing a wide range of idea products. Most of all, we are selling an economical folding, far-infrared heater using a carbon flat-type heater. The heater can be folded, which is easy to store and very economical for its 200W, low power consumption benefits. This heater has a lower risk of getting burns, compared to a regular heater that has higher risk of getting burns. It releases far-infrared ray that is beneficial to your health and quite easy to use for The elderly or young kids. Currently the products are on the markets in Asia including Korea, and Europe, and proudly certified with KC from South Korea, as well as CE from Europe, and PSE from Japan.

Foldable Far Infrared Ray Heater

Model Name : ECO-2000

Weight : 1.8kg

Working Voltage : 220V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption : 200W

Manufacturer : Ecostar

Country of Origin : South Korea

Package Listing : Heater / 3m-long power cable/ user manual and product warranty 

SKU : s_eco_formom

EAN : 8809654938248


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