Nerpia LED Hand Care and Nail Hardening Device Treatment Skin Care UV-LED Korea
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Myungshin A-TECH (advanced technology) is, Myungshin : "Brightens the darkness." It means that by supplying and manufacturing the light(lighting) and brighting various places and people, the company quickly solves what customers want. A-TECH (advanced technology) : "Advanced technology". It means that Myungshin has the strong foundation and firm with state-of-the-art technology, manpower, and equipment to solve what Myungshin wants. The company which realizes beauty throught the light and makes special products which markets and customers want based on advanced technology. The company which provides the best value with special products and is selected first by customers. which constantly strives to grow together with employees, partners, society, and environment.

LED Hand-Care and Nail Hardening Device

Model Name : MSAT-Nerpia_M
Normal Voltage : AC110~220V / 50~60Hz
Output Voltage : DC 12V, 5A(Typ.2A)
Power Consumption : 25W
Component : Nerpia_M / Adapter
Size : 280 x 240 x 90mm
Weight : 780g
Manufacture Name : Myung Shin Advance Technology
Country of making Manufacture : Korea 

SKU: s_myung_nerpia_m

EAN: 8809654935964 


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