Amagolf Impact Socks Golf / Hiking Socks(Long) 1 Pair 260~280cm Action Circle
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Ama Golf is a company that produces golf lesson videos and golf practice supplies. Among them, impact golf socks have round silicone treatment under the big toe to increase the impact force by grabbing the power of the exercise and preventing the foot from being pushed during the exercise. This product has obtained design patents from Korea, USA and China. Socks for all sports, including golf, tennis, hunting and training. Once you wear it, you become a mania of impact socks. It is a cotton sock with more than three times the coefficient of friction than ordinary socks, and round silicone is a great sock that can be washed in water or turned into a hot dryer.

Impact Socks
Golf / Hiking Socks(Long) 1 Pair

1. Green
2. Gray

Male Foot Length : 260~280cm
Material : 80%cotton, 17%polyester, 3%spandex 

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