Jeju Nature Honey Citrus Tea Raised in Jeju 600g Lemon Yuja Tea Superfood
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Established in 1989, Natural Jeju Food Ltd has been researching and developing quality recipe food to apply with right ingredients based on over 20 years experience inspired from the brand name 'natural Jeju food is non additional additives'.

To create right food resemble to clean pristine Jeju environment, Natural Jeju Food Ltd keeps the best producing quality food with right attitude and healthy mind. Natural Jeju Food Ltd appreciates all your support and interest.

Honey Citrus(Yuja) Tea Raised in Jeju

Jeju Natural Honey + Jeju Natural Citrus

It is a sugared product that is made with fresh citrus raised in clean Jeju farm and delivers the utmost taste and scent of fruit. It has fresh pulp that you can feel the best taste. Experience Jeju Honey Citrus Tea.

#1. Honey Citrus(Yuja) Tea Bottle 600g

Product Information
Main Ingredient : Refer to the product package
Expiry Date : 2 years from production date
Production Date : Refer to the package
Storage : Avoid direct sunlight and keep in a cool place.

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