#17VDerma PibuWang Mask Rest Set Moisturizing Anti-aging Facial Skin Care Korea
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#17VDerma is a Derma cosmetic brand of 17 Vegan prescriptions. In collaboration with world-class researchers, we have developed Vegan Science™, a skin science-based technology that is safe and functionally smart, to create products that do not have an animal-derived ingredient. We want to contribute to the value of life and coexistence by contributing part of the proceeds to animal relief business while pursuing healthy beauty. 

PibuWang Mask Rest Set

Rest For Stressed Skin & Soul

17 kinds of safe vegan science ingredients prescription helps the exhausted skin conditions due to external stimulations and stresses restored and the skin barrier reinforced so as to eventually make the skin's strength grow up in the way it should be.


#1. PibuWang Mask Rest 25ml x 5ea (s_lead_mask_5p)

#2. PibuWang Mask Rest 25ml x 10ea (s_lead_mask_10p)

Calming / Moisturizing / Strengthening Skin Barrier


Animal-derived ingredients


Comfortable feeling but never greasy or sticky

Dermatology test clinical results

Skin Safety Tested

No irritation!

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