MARINECOS Tone-Up Essence 50ml Whitening Wrinkle Care Cream Moisturizing tired ski
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"Marine Techno" Marine Techno has the technology for the production of clean marine collagen, natural skin care products, and multi-function aquatic feed source, Our high-quality products are created from fish skin, with high protein extracted, refined and processed with our technology. Marine collagen is in the limelight owing to the recently-discovered safety issues of land-borne animal collagen Marine collagen is a structural protein that makes up approximately 1/3 of the human body and is already being used in food, cosmetics and medicine in leading countries, We promise to pursue further development using marine collagen to deliver quality products.

MARINECOS Tone-Up Essence

Capacity : 50ml

Skin Type : Used for all skin types

Function : Whitening Wrinkle Improvement Functionality

Usage Duration : 12 months after opening 

SKU : s_mtec_essence

EAN : 8809654939337


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