SHINE & SHINE SHINING OHEL ESSENCES 50ml Supplies Rich Nutrition and Moisture
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SHINE&SHINE was made in combination of Ginsenoside from 6 years old red ginseng and natural fermented oriental herbal ingredients for healthy and beautiful skin. It gives your skin clear and elastic impression through moisturizing, lifting, soothing, brightening and wrinkle improvement.
SHINE&SHINE products' natural ingredients are delivered deep into skin, enhancing skin immunity and recovering fatigue. With our oriental fermentation method, which is edible and can apply on, we extract natural ingredients in large quantity that are nutritious and good for skin soothing. Furthermore by using advanced process technology which brings skin brightening, wrinkle improvement and maintaining moisture, we recreate elastic and healthy skin.


It supplies rich nutrition and moisture to keep dry and ired skin moist and shiny for long periods.

Products Information
Amount : 50ml
Expiration date or usage period after opening : 36months before opening, 12months after opening
Use method : Refer to product page
Manufacturing company / Country : SHINE&SHINE Co., Ltd. / South Korea

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EAN : 8809654931799


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