Lensdiva Soft Color Contact Hybrid Lenses (Choco) 1 Pair Couleur Fresh Kontaktlinsen
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Mainkorea Co., Ltd. is a specialized contact brand 'Lensdiva' and eyeglass brand 'Eteraffine'. We manufacture and distribute in two brands. 'Lensdiva' is a professional contact brand with over 30 stores in Korea A wide variety of unique color lenses worn by many celebrities in Korea. 'Eteraffine' is a compound word for été, which means 'summer' in French, and 'raffine', which means 'chic' in English, so Eteraffine means 'Chic Summer'. as summer is intense and light, we express our passion and joy with eye wear.

Hybrid Lens (Choco)

The color of lenses may look different in the way of direction, resolution of the monitor, transillumination, and your original eye color.

If both eyes have different powers, you can order them in pairs by entering different powers on the orderer's memo.

1. Choco

Amount : 1 Pair (Bottle Storage)
Base Curve : 8.6 mm
Diameter : 14.0 mm
Graphic Diameter : 13.1 mm
Power : 0.00,-0.50,-1.00,-1.25,-1.50,1.75,
-2.00,-2.25,-2.50,-2.75, -3.00,-3.25,-3.50,
-3.75,-4.00,-4.25,-4.50,-4.75,-5.00, -5.50,-6.00,-6.50,-7.00,-7.50,-8.00,-8.50,
Recommended wearing cycle
 - Within Six months of opening

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