Resvera Chamssak Tea (1g x 30 tea bags) 100% Peanut sprout tea growth on Korea
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RESVERA is the only company in the world to grow peanut sprouts with oak fermented sawdust. RESVERA peanut buds contain the most resveratrol among the world's edible plants. RESVERA is currently conductingclinical demonstration of 'cholesterol improvement' and 'prostate health improvement' withpowder extracted from peanut sprout. We are aiming to certify functional food of two claims in 2019, 'Improving cholesterol' in the first half and'Improving the Health of the Frontline’ in the second half. If the peanut germinates and grows as a sprout, the resveratrolwill be amplified 90 times more than the peanut seed. The gift of God and the pearl in the outsider,resveratrol has proven its efficacy through thousands of research papers. RESVERAdevelops and produces concentrated powders with the highest concentration of resveratrol on the planet with patented oak fermented peanut sprout grown in sawdust. We are proactively responding to health care 3.0 that goes beyond health care 2.0 for treating diseases and lowers the rate of aging.

Chamssak Tea (1g x 30 tea bags)
(peanut sprout tea growth on)

Capacity : 1g x 30 tea bags

Quality Retention : 2 years from date of manufacture 

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